Meet Jacqualine who joined Interroll in 1992


Internal Sales Manager

Singapore, Singapore

„I love my job! I am always moved when my customer tells me: 'I can sleep well at night knowing that I'm using Interroll products.' At Interroll I continuously improve myself and learn new things every day.“


I am working for Interroll since 22 years as an Internal Sales Manager.

I was studying Mechanical Engineering in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and was in the final year when my lecturer recommended me to Interroll. I found that Interroll is a great and interesting company that provides solutions to automation and material handling process, and it gave me opportunity to apply what I learnt.

I started as a Production Engineer at Interroll Asia working with manual BOM to produce rollers as we had just started roller production in Singapore. From which I understand the complete process flow of producing a roller and also the different parts that are required to produce a roller.

After two years, I was given a chance to be transferred to the sales department to be an Internal Sales Engineer. It was interesting and challenging for me as I could work and interact with different people/customers from different countries as Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, etc..

I love my job! Every day is a challenge as I help customers to find solutions with different applications requirement, as well as providing costing and delivery support. I am proud to be part of Interroll as this company is a reputable and reliable brand name in this industry. I am always moved when my customer tells me “I can sleep well at night when I use Interroll”.

On going trainings are provided by the Interroll Center of Excellences and the Interroll Academy where we continuously can update our product knowledge and learn new things. We also went for trainings such as AutoCAD, ISO course, SAP, etc. as and when required to upgrade ourselves.

It is quite interesting to communicate with people from different countries with different cultures. Teamwork and communication is very important because we have many global customers who have presence in different countries nowadays. Between Interroll companies, we practice open communication and share information and strategy how to better service these customers with global pricing, sales terms and conditions, etc.. Price and delivery supports from our Manufacturing Unites are also very important in order to secure orders.

One of my most emotional moments at Interroll was after the successful implementation of the SAP in our location after months of training and hard work as a team.

In my future at Interroll I would like to continuously improve myself and learn new things every day.