Meet Peter who joined Interroll in 1988


TPM Manager

Wermelskirchen, Germany

„To me, Interroll was the employer of choice! There are everyday new challenges and I have the opportunity to implement own ideas. We are all team players here. That is exactly what I like about my job. “


Peter, surely you must be loved by your kids and their friends because you knock together cockpits from old aeroplane parts?

Of course – sometimes my children just have a different opinion and attachment to these components. By the way, I do not actually knock the cockpit together. I very carefully restore scrapped original parts and I put them together appropriately. Once I am finished, these parts are even “better than new” and they work at 100% capacity.

May I ask - where do you get your aeroplane scrap material?

Preferably from aeroplane cemeteries in the USA. In this way, I am able to combine my love for travelling, and especially flying, with the enjoyment I experience when knocking things together, as you put it.

Such a distinctive hobby requires technological knowledge and an ability to work with your hands, doesn’t it?

Let's put it this way: The transitions from my job here at Interroll as TPM manager to the fiddly jobs in my hobby hangar are smooth. There are many similarities between my job and my hobby. For example, the new challenges on the lookout for solutions, the effective implementation of ideas and, last but not least, the joy of success.

But no-one is born with such a hobby, apart from a certain talent and affinity to technical topics – am I right?

Exactly. Here at Interroll, I was given the opportunity to attend a solid training as an industrial mechanic in the sector of machine and system technology. I then completed training as a metal-working foreman at the IHK Bonn and finally, I gained valuable experience installing and servicing machines in South Africa and China.

We are standing in front of two machines that no longer look so up-to-date. What plans do you have for them?

The basic substance of these machines is outstanding. I would definitely like to maintain them and keep using them. Therefore, as part of a retrofit measure, the parts will be lifted, reconstructed and modified so that we can achieve the best possible outcome for our production. It’s just like in real life: a new broom sweeps clean but an old broom knows every corner.

You come across as an interesting and very agile individual. May I ask what plans you have for the future?

After an additional apprenticeship to become a Kaizen manager and a Kaizen tour in Japan (learning from the best), I would like to continue learning here and implement the knowledge I have acquired in the company.

If we could set a benchmark – and we are already well on our way – that, for me, would be the highlight of my work for Interroll.

Such progress could not be achieved single-handedly, could it?

We are all team players here. That is exactly what I like about my job. Everyone understands that we are all in the same boat and that the Kaizen philosophy has been a blessing for the company. If you just look around, you will see that this philosophy has already become a reality for us. This is evident in the company’s exemplary cleanliness standards, the resulting pleasant working atmosphere and meticulous, intralogistic processes.