Meet Simone who joined Interroll in 1990


Quality assurance manager

Wermelskirchen, Germany

„What really motivates me the most is that my company provides me with good and fair promotion prospects in a familiar working environment.“


Despite all the fuss in the media about quotas for women, it seems to be a fair observation that motorbike riding is not particularly popular among women. Why do you belong to the small minority of women who are often subject to public observation?

Firstly, I would like to say that the restrictive gender role-plays have never really interested me. I have always been involved with the things I was curious about. And one of these things has been motorbike riding.

Apart from your undeniable emotional attachment, does a certain affinity to technology in general have something to do with your motorbike interests?

Most definitely. The rational, comprehensive and measurable aspects of technical processes fascinated me even as a young child. This was something that was in-built in me. And of course, this brings us back to the topic of motorbikes fairly quickly.

So you carried your early fascination with you to your professional career, didn’t you?

I suppose you could put it that way. Anyway, I started training as an industrial mechanic, grappled with the REFA method and I continued training to become the DGQ manager and SAP key user. By the way, these sectors also do not have a high proportion of female employees. But I really enjoy them.

After such a vibrant, professional career, it doesn’t look as if you would relax, put your feet up and enjoy the rest of your life, does it?

That’s all I would need! Certainly not! I am still working towards zero-error production, recertification and the optimisation of production processes in ITOPS. These are no easy tasks. However, the objectives have been defined, the conditions are perfect and my colleagues play their part. What really motivates me the most, however, is that management continually supports this strategic direction and they provide me with good and fair promotion prospects in a familiar working environment.

Is that really so unusual?

For an internationally-operating, expanding, and such a successful company, although still of manageable size, yes, it is rather unusual. I am also familiar with some rather negative examples here.

Let’s now come back to your interests we mentioned at the beginning. Apart from your passion for motorbikes, are there any other topics which grab your attention?

Actually: sports in general. I also love to travel and, in the evenings, to switch off with an exciting book.