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Interroll Belt Curve

With a conveyor speed of more than 2 m/s, the Interroll belt curve is designed for high performance and trouble-free operation in different applications. The curves are available in several widths, angles and weight classes.

The Interroll belt curves can be operated in higher and lower temperature ranges, which represents a significant advantage compared to common solutions, such as friction-driven conveyors. Another advantage is the fast belt change. Thanks to the sophisticated construction, the drive station does not have to be removed for the belt change, thereby saving time.

Belt Curve

General technical data

Max. load capacity*

75 kg/m

Rated voltage

400 V

Conveyor speed*

Max. 2 m/s

Ambient temperature

-15 °C to 55 °C


Cam angle


Inside radius

1000/800/800/800 mm

Conveying width

1100/900/700/500 mm

Conveyor length

1550/1250/1150/1050 mm


Conveyor belt

FLEXAM EF 10/2 0+A22 BLACK AS FR others upon request

Slider bed

3 mm sheet steel

Portec Belt Curve (PDF. 118 KB) Download

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