NEW: Interroll Spiral Lift

The new Interroll Spiral Lift conveys boxes, totes and items of all shapes and sizes vertically for a variety of different industries in the safest possible fashion.

It is highly energy-efficient and low maintenance, allowing you to greatly reduce your operational costs. Extremely low operating noise adds to the comfort and safety of the user.

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Did you know?

Interroll is expanding the range of applications of Modular Conveyor Platform MCP: Deep-freeze logistics will now benefit from efficient, ZPA material flow down to minus 30 degrees Celsius.

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Interroll Products

RM 8711 Interroll High Performance Divert (HPD) 24 V Master

The High Performance Divert (HPD) is used for diverting unit loads, preferably with smooth bottom surfaces, at different angles onto a...

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Transfer RM 8731

The Transfer 24 V is used for diverting or merging onto a roller track suitable material at a 90° angle. In the process, the unit load...

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Lift-Up Gate RM 8830

The lift-up gate swivels upward to provide a walkway, or access from one side of the conveyor to the other. This allows access to the rear...

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Lift RM 6006

The lifting station consists of a column construction and a carriage upon which a roller conveyor is mounted. A worm gear motor with brake...

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Lift RM 6008

This vertical conveyor consists of a column construction and a carriage upon which conveyor components can be mounted. Lifting motion is...

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Interroll Spiral Lift

The Interroll Spiral Lift transports boxes, containers and goods inn all shapes and sizes for a variety of industries. The Spiral Lift is...

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End Stop RM 8811

The end stop is a permanently mounted attachment, for stopping and accumulating of approaching material. The end stop is used at the end of...

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Blade stop RM 8812

The Interroll blade stop is an electrically operated stop that is raised between the roller pitches in order to stop or accumulate material....

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