Control Solution for Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform

The Interroll Pallet Control PC 6000 is now responsible for controlling the pallet conveyor modules. The control is easy to attach to the side profile and put into operation. In combination with the Interroll MultiControl, the Pallet Control PC 6000 enables the control of 400-volt and 24/48-volt drives, offering an integrated control concept for the entire pallet conveyor system. For every requirement, be it the transport of heavy or light pallets, Interroll offers a uniform solution for different operating modes. This makes it possible to operate sections of the line autonomously, transport with zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) or to operate continuously. Depending on requirements, the systems can be controlled locally or centrally via programmable logic controller (PLC). The new integrated control concept consisting of proven controls considerably reduces the planning and installation effort. Perfectly matched interfaces and simple cabling enable the pallet conveyor system to be put into operation quickly.



Pallet Control

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